Best NFT architecture available on the Internet

Best NFT architecture available on the Internet

The year 2022 was groundbreaking for technology in virtual and augmented reality. Facebook’s metaverse was launched, which opened possibilities of parallel living and having an utterly alternate lifestyle. It presented opportunities that humans have worked and dreamed of for decades and have only been successful in movies and sci-fi creations. An invention still under progress, metaverse promises to bring a surreal change in people’s lives where all the things that revolve around a person in real life can be shifted into virtual life. Metaverse wasn’t the only creation that made headlines and had people engrossed. Cryptocurrency and NFTs have had a powerful entrance into the economic and artistic backgrounds. NFT architecture is also used by the architects.

NFT(Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets that can be sold virtually on digital platforms. They are real-life elements that can be traded or sold using cryptocurrency. NFTs gained a considerable amount of fame because there were no bounds to creativity when designing one. Apart from that, NFTs can be called a “mint” condition because it is immutable, meaning that no one can modify or temper the designed product, art piece, or information other than the creator. As the information is saved and stored in the blockchain, the chances of getting the product copied or duplicated are next to nil. This factor offers immense security while protecting originality. The creation of NFTs began in the economic and political arena, but the design industry soon realised its potential and started making news. (NFTs and Their Role in Architecture, 2022) 

The architecture fraternity started using NFTs to develop unconventional and unique design concepts and construction methodologies. All the information of the NFT and its owner is certified by blockchain and stored in metadata, which can eventually find a potential buyer. Factors like these have prompted NFTs to produce masterpieces and gave a flame of willingness in the designer to experiment and explore the process of designing in a completely different way. Although there have been significant advancements for NFTs, it is still a work in progress and requires some interaction. But keeping in how it has tempted people, it won’t be long since NFTs will be one of the most creative digital platforms out there. To understand NFT better, here is a list of firms and projects experimenting with this online platform.

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NFT at Palazzo Strozzi_©Ela Bialkowska, OKNO studio

The Underwater Sculpture | NFT architecture

As a part of Miami Art Week, an underwater park was designed as an NFT artwork. The artwork, in the form of a sculpture, is a non-usable medium to promote the ReefLine project, and it will be erected along the shore of Miami beach. Designed by visual artists Charlotte Taylor and Nicholas Preaud, the sculpture is shaped like a coral reef. The artists collaborated with the architecture firm OMA and will be displayed at Design Miami and Art Basel Miami Beach to showcase support for the underwater ecosystem. A total of three NFTs are proposed to be sold. (Cutieru, 2022) 

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Underwater Sculpture park_©OMA

Virtual Art Gallery

Zaha Hadid Architects have designed a virtual art gallery which explores the possibilities of architecture and life in the metaverse. The gallery explores the design, which features social interaction, boosts user experience, and brings together multiple players and gamers online. (Cutieru, 2022)

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A part of the virtual art gallery_©ZHA

Mars House | NFT architecture

The first digital house ever that was sold as an NFT was Mars house. It was designed by Krista Kim and was sold for 5 million $ in bitcoin. The house is designed on a cliff overlooking a sunset that lasts forever. The creator gave justice to her imagination and added shades of magenta and blue on the surface, suggesting a warm and soothing environment. She also expressed the desire to live in augmented reality in the house and host her friends. The house was rendered in the Unreal software engine and can be experienced through VR too. (Cutieru, 2022)

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Mars house overlooking a sunset_©Krista Kim

Crypto Houses

Crypto Houses are residential typologies with simple and contemporary designs, attempted to be an NFT by blockchain. The design of this architectural project is divided into parameters and an algorithm is created. The units and their dwellings are created using the algorithms according to the requirements of every crypto house. The houses differ in minor ways and are shaped consciously. The owner or the client has the liberty to select the outcome. To keep every design and algorithm in check for security, the parameters are stored in NFTs independently. Each parameter has rendered images of the house. 

Aureal | NFT architecture

A unique and one-of-a-kind practice, the team of aureal works purely on digital architecture. Intending to create and spread the word of NFTs, aureal wishes to introduce parametric architecture and intends to alter the skills of designers, architects, and artists. They advertise and promote methodology and strategies that put forward software renewing the relationship between real and digital life. They intend to change the way Architecture, Engineering, and Construction work and want to emphasise the uniqueness and skills of the same, contradicting the insensible and ruthless methods of commercial architecture and design. (Fidanci, 2022)

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Inside one of the projects of Aureal,002 Isola_©Aureal

Furniture Unhinged 

American designer Misha Kahn designed ten furniture pieces whose biomorphic and abstract shape gives them a look of unconventional sense of functional furniture. Kahn expressed that the most interesting part of NFTs is how it is different and doesn’t need to materialise, and are designed in a way that only gives an impression of the furniture. The collection includes tables, chairs, storage pieces, etc. The place can be erected physically through a 3D printer. Another interesting usage of this collection is that it can be incorporated into a movie or a video game, making it quite interactive and inclusive. (Bertoli, n.d.)

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Furniture Unhinged by Misha Kahn_©Christies

Sofa | NFT architecture

Founded by four Melbourne entrepreneurs-Chris Stribly, Domenic Cerantonio, AJ Batra, and Anmol Sekhon, the firm aims to turn projects into a digital and unique source that can be sold for long-term gain. Bu is turning a design into an NFT. SOFA offers established and emerging creators the to spread the production prices across the design to receive royalties and perpetuity. SOFA intends to be the leading partner for the designers and creators looking to turn their designs into NFTs to provide service and utility in the metaverse. (Online Platform ‘SOFA’ Welcomes Architecture & Design Into the NFT World, 2022)

SOFA brings the design in challenging environments through NFT_©SOFA


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